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Does your business rely on product sales and need to showcase them in print or online advertising? If so, we are your ticket to stunning images and animations that grab your customers’ attention and boost your sales! The good news? We also control your cost! You get your products to us, and we’ll return the finished images to you for as little as $20 per image! For larger commercial jobs, we bring the studio to you. Visit the Pricing page to see details.


A Hero Shot is a high-end image suitable for advertising in print or online. We produce these through a careful analysis of the product in light of the vision you have for the result. Producing one image requires at least a full day of photography and post-processing, so pricing is calculated on our commercial scale for production time, plus licensing fees derived from the intended scope and duration of your usage. Please inquire for further details or an estimate.

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If you require only sharp focus on one plane of your product and adequate clarity throughout, then single-exposure (one shutter click) imaging is the most economical solution. Our base pricing includes this type of product still.

Chris Paulis Master Photographer Restoration Photo Specialist


If your goals require sharp focus throughout the entire product from front to back in a close-up perspective, then photographing multiple exposures combined in post-processing to produce single composite image is a must. Pricing depends on the number of exposures necessary to complete the job. Focus stacking incurs a small additional charge.

Drag the slider below to see the difference between a a Simple Still and a Focus Stacked Still.

Basic Still Focus-stacked Still
Basic Still Focus-stacked Still


When you need your image to have a transparent background so that it sits alone on your web site’s color, we extract the product from the background and deliver the final images in PNG format (or TIFF for print applications). With simple shapes, the extra cost is minimal; for more complex ones, we charge based on the processing time required.

Chris Paulis Master Photographer Restoration Photo Specialist

Chris Paulis Master Photographer Restoration Photo Specialist


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Chris Paulis Photography Awards
Chris Paulis Photography Awards

Chris Paulis, M.Photog.,M.Artist.,Cr., A.F.,F.Ph.-MDPPA, CPP
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