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Sample Product Animations

Animations can rotate 360 or 180 degrees in 5 or 10 degree increments. Click on an image to open an animation in new window.

Hero Shots

A Hero Shot is a high-end image suitable for advertising in print or online. We produce these through a careful analysis of the product in light of the vision you have for the result.

Herradura Hero Shot

Basic Product Stills

If you require only sharp focus on one plane of your product and adequate clarity throughout, then single-exposure (one shutter click) imaging is the most economical solution.

  • camera product still
  • necklace product still
  • pendant product photograph
  • plate safe locks package product photograph
  • private jet front commercial photograph

Focus-Stacked Composite Stills

If your goals require sharp focus throughout the entire product from front to back, then multiple exposures combined in post-processing to produce single composite image is a must. Pricing depends on the number of exposures necessary to complete the job. Focus stacking incurs a small additional charge.

  • composite squash racket product photograph
  • pendant composite product photograph
  • necklace composite product photograph
  • goggles composite product photograph

Image Extractions

Do you need your product images to float against the background of your web site or brochure? For that we extract your image from the background it was photographed on and deliver it as a .png or .tif file that maintains the transparency. This is done in post-processing and adds to the cost of the final product.

  • racket composite extraction product photograph
  • pendant composite extraction product photograph
  • pumps composite extraction product photograph


For web sites we image products rotating on a turntable through 180º or 360º against either a white or a black background. We then use special software to generate an HTML animation with a control bar that can be easily posted on a web site in an iFrame.

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For web sites we create short videos of products when still photos don’t present the features of your products in the best way. As with other services, the price per video drops as the total number of videos in your order rises.